4 Local SEO Strategies To Win In Local Search

Local SEO Ultimate Guide

“Two SEOs walk into a bar, a sports bar, a pub, an Irish pub, a sports bar near me…” The lame SEO joke above makes fun of the fact that SEOs have to create a page for each keyword variation that they want to rank for. The process is tedious and sometimes downright annoying, but … Read more

Meta Title Tags: How to Write Them With SEO Best Practices

Title tag on a laptop

The meta title tag is an HTML code tag that tells search engines and web browsers what the title of a web page is. It looks like this inside the HTML code: <title>This is the title of a web page</title> Writing effective title tags is a crucial skill in search engine optimization (SEO) and online … Read more

Keywords Everywhere: The Best Free Keyword Research Tool

Keywords in autocomplete box

Keywords Everywhere may just be the best free keyword tool available today. It is a browser extension that shows you keyword information directly in the Google search results. In addition, Keywords Everywhere is completely free. You simply install it, and it works. If you didn’t know already, keywords are the words and phrases people type … Read more

How to Remove URLs From Google Search

Removing documents

Sometimes you may need a way to remove things from the Google search results. For example, if you just deleted a page and don’t want it to show up anymore. Or if you want to remove low-quality pages from the index for SEO reasons. Here are the three best ways to remove one or many … Read more

5 High-Quality Factors in Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines

Five thumbs up

Google publishes a 160+ page document called the Search Quality Rater Guidelines, often abbreviated as the QRG. This document is used by Google’s quality raters, which are people who work for Google and evaluate the quality of the search results. Although these quality raters don’t influence rankings directly, their feedback is used to inform the … Read more

Yandex Webmaster Tools: How to Submit and Verify Your Site

Search engine robot with magnifying glass

Yandex is often known as the Russian search engine. It is not only the most popular search engine in Russia but also the second most popular after Google in many countries. However, most of the countries where Yandex is popular have a large Russian-speaking population. Worldwide, Yandex has a market share of around half a … Read more

What Is Yandex? Not Just a Russian Search Engine

Yandex search engine

Yandex is a Russian company that is best known for its Yandex search engine. This is a search engine that was originally started in Russian at yandex.ru, but now has a global English version at yandex.com. Yandex is the biggest search engine in Russia. According to Statcounter, they had 48.79% market share in Russia in … Read more

What Are Keywords in SEO? A Simple Beginner’s Guide

Keyword in a search box

Keywords are words and phrases that people use when typing into a search engine. It is very important for SEO to include keywords in your titles and text so that both people and search engines know what your content is about. If you target good keywords and use them in the right way, then it … Read more

40 Signs of a Low-Quality Website According to Google

Bad website concept

SEO is full of myths and misconceptions. A lot of this is because search engine algorithms are a mystery. No one outside of Google knows exactly how they work. However, Google has actually published guidelines that tell you exactly what they want their algorithms to do. These are Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines, a 160+ page … Read more

What Is Organic Search Traffic?

Organic search concept

Organic traffic measures visits to a website from a search engine that were earned naturally, but not paid for via advertising. Visitors who are categorized as organic enter your website after searching the web with a search engine like Google or Bing. In this way, the word “organic” simply means that it is via a … Read more