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Getting traffic from search engines is both an art (content SEO) and a science (technical SEO). Here you learn to become a master at both.

The main topics of this website are search engine optimization (SEO), web development, WordPress, blogging and online marketing.

About True Tamplin

True Tamplin

My name is True Tamplin and I am the owner of this website along with my business partner, Kris Gunnars.

I run our SEO agency Search & Rescue which offers SEO help beyond the resources created on this website.

I thought I knew SEO until I met Kris Gunnars.

All of my clever SEO tactics and backlink initiatives never brought in the amount of traffic Kris was able to build.

As you’ll read in his bio below, winning in Google is as simple as having the greatest user experience.

This includes having the best content in addition to an excellent website.

It turns out, creating an excellent website and content is a difficult undertaking.

That is why Search Facts and Search & Rescue exist — to help those in their journey to win in the Google search results.

Prior to working on the Search Facts project, I ran an SEO agency called UpDigital. We help clients in the tech and finance space.

I also wrote a book called Raising an Executive which helps executives carve time out of their busy lives to invest in their children. It became an Amazon #1 bestseller.

My personal website has more information about me. You can also check out my card game Presidents and our financial literacy initiative, Finance Strategists.

About Search & Rescue


Search & Rescue is the SEO agency for Search Facts.

Search & Rescue is a play on words — we are like the Coast Guard of SEO for those in need of help.

What sets Search & Rescue apart is our ability to generate lots of traffic, repeatedly.

When it comes to SEO, there are a lot of people that will tell you how to rank your site in Google, but they cannot do it themselves.

Our philosophy is simple:

Make the best possible content and user experience, and you will be rewarded with traffic over time.

While this goal is straightforward, it’s by no means easy.

As you go to make the best user experience possible, you may run into technical issues while trying to speed up page load times or need guidance on what keywords to target.

That’s why partnering with a team who has demonstrated success can make the process easier.

Search & Rescue is looking to help clients that are prepared to create fantastic content that answers people’s questions, delivered through a great website with an amazing user experience.

About Kris Gunnars

My name is Kris Gunnars and I am the founder of Search Facts.

Kris Gunnars is actually just a pen name. My full name is Kristjan Mar Gunnarsson — an Icelandic name that is hard to pronounce.

I am probably the most successful blogger and internet marketer you have never heard of.

Although I haven’t been able to verify this, I believe that I may be the most read online writer in the history of the internet. My articles on nutrition have driven over 400 million visits.

While in medical school, in December 2012, I started a website called Authority Nutrition. It soon became the world’s biggest nutrition website with over 10 million visits per month.

This graph shows the monthly traffic trend for the site:

While I was just writing articles alone, I was able to build the traffic up to over 100,000 visits per day with over $1,000 per day in Google Adsense income alone.

I ended up dropping out of university after getting my Bachelor’s degree in medicine in order to work on the site full-time. Then I started hiring people, including writers and editors, to help me grow the site even further.

But 4 years and 8 months after starting the site, I ended up selling it to Healthline Media on July 31, 2017.

By then, the site was getting 300-700 thousand visits every single day and making over $2 million a year in revenue from display ads. 77% of the traffic came from search engines.

How I Did It

When I was starting the site, I had an obsessive focus on doing everything I possibly could to make it as good as possible for users.

The nutrition content on the web was pretty bad at the time. I made it my goal to make each article the best piece of content available on the topic online.

Because Google’s ultimate goal is to show people the best answers to their search queries, I knew that this would eventually be rewarded.

I also focused obsessively on technical SEO and user experience, such as optimizing loading times and making the site load smoothly for people with slow internet connections.

Readability was also a major focus, with a lot of thought given to every tiny detail such as font type, font size, and text color.

Having the articles as scan-friendly as possible was also something I emphasized because most people using search engines scan the articles for answers instead of reading from start to finish.

The end result of all this was that I ranked #1 for some of the highest competition keywords in nutrition, such as “green tea,” “calories” and “weight loss,” just to name a few.

Some of my articles ended up getting tens of millions of pageviews and making hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad revenue — just from 1-2 days of focused research, writing and editing.

This was all done with honest methods that are fully supported by the search engines:

  • Writing fantastic content that answers people’s questions.
  • Delivered through a great website with amazing user experience.

On this site, I teach you to do the same — get lots of traffic and outrank your competitors by creating a much better website with much better content than them.

If you don’t want to miss out, then I recommend you subscribe to this site and follow me on Twitter at @krisgunnars.

I also write articles about stocks and investing at Stock Analysis.