Anchor Text

Quick Definition: Anchor text is the clickable text in an online link.

Purpose: The purpose of anchor text is to describe the page that a link points to. It is helpful for website users and search engine robots.


  • This is a link to our front page with “front page” as the anchor text.
  • This is a link to our privacy policy with “privacy policy” as the anchor text.

Anchor text in HTML

Inside HTML, the anchor text is the text contained within the opening and closing anchor tags (<a> and </a>):

<a href="">This is the anchor text</a>

SEO Best Practices

In SEO (search engine optimization), having descriptive anchor text is important because it helps inform users and search engines what the links are pointing to.

Here are examples of good and bad anchor texts for a tutorial on Google Ads:

  • Good: Google Ads, Google Ads Tutorial, Tutorial on Google Ads
  • Bad: Click here, read this, see more.

If you use descriptive anchor text for your links, then it will be clear to users and search engines what the page you are pointing to is about.